PS5 ‘Play Like Never Before’ Ad Focuses On PS5’s Power

PS5, the choice of a new generation

PS5 play like never before ad

A new ad for the PS5 was released by PlayStation yesterday. The ad titled ‘Play As Never Before’ focuses on the PS5’s main features and its power.

The new PlayStation 5 ad focuses the viewer’s attention on tot eh main selling points of the PS5.

Lightning-fast loading with the PS5’s ultra-fast SSD, the PS5’s integrated IO architecture and the superior immersion felt with the DualSense controller. Not to mention the PS5’s incredible 3D audio tech.

The ad draws your attention to these next-gen features with its slick presentation and imagery.

The main point of this new ad seems to be Sony saying that the PS5 is a true next-generation game machine where you can ‘Play Like Never Before’. With super-fast loading making some load times almost non-existent. Not to mention the incredible haptics and adaptive triggers of the DualSense, PS5 truly is THE console of this current generation.

The ad also lets potential customers know that the PS5 is backwards compatible with thousands of PS4 games and works with the current PSVR headset.

Check out the ad below.


Source: YouTube