PS5, PS4 Body-Horror Game Oxide Room 104 Release Date Revealed

Escape room horror games comes to PS5, PS4 on June 17th.

Oxide Room 104 key art and logo

The new bone-chilling, spine-tingling body-horror game Oxide Room 104 will release on June 17th developer WildSphere and publisher Perp Games have announced. Along with the release date for this scary as f*ck looking game, there’s also a new equally as terrifying launch trailer. You can watch the new trailer below, but it might be best to keep the lights on.

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So what is Oxide Room 104 all bout? Well, after going to an appointment for some shady business that has apparently gone wrong, you wake up in a bathtub. The bathtub is located within room 104 of the Night Soul Motel. From the moment of waking up in the bathtub, Matthew, the story’s main protagonist, must use all his skills to find a way out of there and put an end to the worst experience of his life.

However, a horrible creature and a ruthless scientist have other plans and will prevent Matthew from escaping. Each time Matthew dies he will return again and again to the bathtub of room 104 as the motel becomes more macabre and hostile.

Essentially Oxide Room 104 is a horror game with escape room gameplay. The story will change as you make certain decisions or perform certain actions. This gives you a wide range of possibilities that will decide the fate of this terrifying adventure with multiple endings.

Oxide Room 104 will release on June 17th for PS5 and PS4. The game will also release physically for PS5 and PS4 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.