PS5 Reveal Imminent as PlayStation Blogs Merge, Add PS5 Tab

Is Sony getting ready to open the PS5 floodgates?

Sony to introduce PS5 games line-up soon

A PlayStation 5 reveal or an announcement of a reveal event seems to be imminent. Sony has merged the European PlayStation Blog ( and the North American PlayStation Blog ( into a single international blog at

This merging of blogs appears to be only for the English language. Germany, Spain, etc still have there own separate web addresses with their own country subdomain.

The PlayStation Blogs have also added a ‘PS5’ link to their main navigation menu’s.

PlayStation Blog PS5 link in navigation screenshot

This merging of blogs and the addition of PS5 link has caused rampant speculation that somekind of reveal or announcement is imminent.

Whatever this means, Sony certainly appears to be getting ready to open the floodgates and unleash the PS5 on to us in full force.

Source: u/Erroneus via PS5 subreddit