PS5 SSD Shows 664GB Useable Space In Potato Quality Image Leaks

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Looks like Sony needs to hire a plumber with all these PS5 leaks going around. We’ve had the PS5 uncovered leak, the startup sequence leak and now this latest leak which purports to show the PS5 SSD’s usable space.

This latest leak comes from Reddit and has three screenshots apparently showing the PS5’s User Interface. One of the screenshots seems to be from a storage settings screen which shows the SSD as having 664GB of useable space.

PS5 UI leak showing SSD useable space
Alleged photo fo the PS5 UI showing the SSD with 664GB of useable space

the three screenshots are very low quality and the screenshot above appears to have a mouse cursor on the bottom right of the image. So, this is either a photoshop fabrication or it’s a photo of a screenshot displayed on a computer monitor.

Most of these leaks will probably turn out to be fake. Even if the PS5 SSD useable space is around 664GB, it’s still plenty of room to store larger AAA games and smaller indie games.

And Sony has yet to detail what expandable storage options there will be. So there will be ways to expand the PS5’s storage capacity if the stock SSD isn’t large enough.

Source: Reddit