PS5 System Software Update Adds Wealth of New Features

Update inbound

PS5 system software udpate April 2021

A new PS5 system software update is out today and adds a ton of new features to the console.

One of the main features that PS5 system software version 21.01-03.00.00 brings is that much-requested ability to store PS5 games on external storage devices, like a USB hard drive.

You ill now be able to store PS5 games on your external hard drive connected to your PS5. However, you won’t be able to play PS5 games from the external drive. To play them, you’ll need to copy them back over to the PS5’s SSD.

PS5 new system software lets you store PS5 games on USB storage

The new PS5 system update also adds some new social features. You’ll now be able to share play games with your friends on PS4, making for cross-generational share play.

The PS5 Game Base menu has also seen some improvements. Gmae Base now lets you easily switch between parties and your friends. You can also turn notification on or off on a per party basis.

There are also some new features for PlayStation Trophies in the latest PS5 system software update. In this new update, you can set the level of trophies that automatically captures a screenshot or video clip. Meaning you can set it to only capture screenshots and video clips when you earn gold or platinum trophies for example.

That’s just a handful of the new features arriving with the latest PS5 system software update today. To check out all the features head over to the PlayStation Blog article or the PS5 System Software section on the PlayStation website.

The latest PS5 system software update is going live globally today, April 14th 2021.

Source: PlayStation Blog