PS5 Teardown: Looks as Good on the Inside as It Does on the Outside

The PS5 is taken apart bit by bit

PS5 teardown

The PS5 has been torn down, taken apart and it’s inner workings put on display for the entire world to see. Sony has released the official PS5 teardown video showing what the next-gen console looks like on the inside.


The PS5 truly is a triumph of engineering and design. The console looks just as good inside as it does on the outside. And, it turns out the leaked photos showing the PS5 uncovered from a few days ago were indeed real.

The PS5 teardown video gets up and close and personal with the PlayStation 5 as Yasuhiro Ootori VP of Sony’s Mechanical Design Department strips the PS5 down to its core components.

PS5 teardown

The teeardown video pretty much confirms that the white side panels area easily removable. So hopefully we might see some custom colours and designs on sale at some point.

PS5 Teardown – cooling fan

PS5 cooling fan

Noeably, the PS5 cooling fan also looks fairly straight forward to remove. Which will make the PS5’s fan easier to clean and keep dust free, to ensure less overheating problems and fan noise over time.

The PS5 also has a dust catcher, any dust collected int he catcher can be vaccumed out through two holes in the PS5. Making the PS5 really, really easy to keep dust free. On the inside anyway.

PS5 Dust Catcher

The fan impeller also looks diffrent to what we have seen in previous consoles. The impeller looks like a mixed-flow design meaning it should be a good deal more efficiant than a standard axial fan.

The PS5 fan is 120mm in diameter and 45mm thick

On the subject of keeping the PS5 cool and quiet, the video shows that the console uses liquid metal to cool the AMD Radeon GPU.

PS5 Liquid Metal

PS5 Stand

The PS5 stand also looks very easy to remove and reattach, allowing you to switch between the PS5 standing vertically to laying horizinatally.

The video shows the PS5 in the vertical postion at first and through the removal of one screw and by rotating the stand, you can then clip the stand onto the side panels and put the PS5 in the horizontal postioin.

The stand also has a little storage slot for the screw and a screw cap for the bottom of the PS5. Nice little feature.

PS5 Expandable Storage

The PS5’s expandable storage slot was also shown in the teardown video.

PS5 M.2 PCIe 4.0 expandable storage

The exapndable storage resides under the white plastic side panels and just next to the fan. Sony has yet to confirm a list of PS5 compatable SSD’s.

PS5 Teardown Gallery

PS5 teardown all parts

I grabbed some screenshots from the PS5 teardown video, ogle at the inner beauty fo the PS5.

The PS5 is set to launch on November 12th in the USA including Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand & South Korea. And on November 19th in the UK/Europe and rest fo the world.