PS5 UI Reveal Shows Some PS5 Trophies & Trophy Tracking Feature

Are we also getting digital rewards for unlocking trophies?

The PlayStation 5 User Interface has been revealed at long last. An 11-minute video walkthrough of some of the PS5 User Experience features showed that the PS5 interface is truly a next-generation experience. And it looks like PS5 trophies will be no exception.

Unless you were watching the video really closely, you may have missed a couple of other things that the PS5 UI reveal video showed us. Some PS5 trophies and how the PS5’s trophy tracking feature looks in the UI.

PlayStation recently made some major changes to the trophy system for PS4, which will also follow on to PS5. Among the changes to trophy levelling was a much sought after feature – trophy tracking.

PS5 UI - PS5 Trophy Tracking

One of the main user interface and user experience shown during the reveal video was the PS5 Control Centre. The Control Centre consists of ‘cards’ which contain various game information such as activities, game news and trophy information.

In the screenshot above, we can see two trophies from Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Then trophies have a generic white trophy icon and a padlock icon next to them, showing that they are currently not unlocked.

Next to the trophy icon, we can see the progress of the trophy. In the screenshot, we can see that Sid Shuman (narrator of the video) has made 20% progress towards the Bubble Binger trophy. And 3% progress towards the Bounder trophy.

This is a great feature for trophy hunters. Especially for trophies which require a bit of grind like collect X amount of a particular item or kill X amount of a particular enemy.

As well as showing the new PS5 trophy tracking feature. The PS5 UI reveal video also gave us a sneak peek at four trophies from the two games shown in the video. Two trophies for Sackboy: A Big Adventure and two trophies for Destruction AllStars.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure PS5 Trophies

Sackboy: A Big Adventure Trophies - PS5 UI reveal


Sid Shuman skipped over the trophy cards fairly quickly but I was able to see partial trophy descriptions and some other info.

The two trophies for Sackboy: A Big Adventure are:

  • Bounder – Bronze – Defeat 30 of Vex’s minions by bo…
  • Bubble Binger – Bronze – Collect a full chain of Timed Scor…

Only partial descriptions are seen in the UI reveal video but we do also see the trophy rarity. Bounder currently has a Rare rarity and Bubble Binger has a Very rare rarity. So people have been playing these games and unlocking trophies for them.

Destruction AllStars PS5 Trophies

Destruction AllStars trophies - PS5 UI reveal

Unfortunately Mr Shuman hasn’t made any progress at all on the Destruction AllStars trophies but we do get to see partial descriptions.

  • Rookie – Bronze – Earn all of the star objectives for…
  • Wreckognised – Gold – Earn an S Rank Wreckognition at…

Interestingly, the two Destruction AllStars trophies don’t show any rarity, posibly because no progress has been made yet? But they do have some other text underneath the description.

The Rookie trophy says Profile Banner and the Wreckognised trophy says Profile Avatar. Perhaps these trophies reward you with a new profile banner and avatar you can use once unlocked.

If this is indeed true, PS5 trophies would have a bit more meaning to them. They would no longer be there just for show or bragging rights but would reward you with actual digital items you can use. This would be a very welcomed feature.

It certainly looks like trophy hunting on the PS5 is going to be far more rewarding. And with the addition of the trophy tracking feature hpoefully a bit more easier for those more grindy trophies.