PS5 UK Sales Reach 2 Million

PS5 is the fourth fastest console to reach the 2 milllion mark in the UK

Union Jack and PS5 consoles

UK Sales of PlayStation 5 consoles have reached the 2 million mark almost 2 years after the console’s launch in November 2020. The PS5 has taken 98 weeks to reach this milestone reports.

The PS5’s 2 million consoles have netted Sony a cool £919 million in revenue as well, based on an average price of £455 per console. The PS5 launched at £450 for the disc edition and £360. Sony recently increased the price of the PS5 everywhere except the US citing the global economic environment and high inflation.

The 2 million PS5’s sold in the UK does seem rather low and I actually would have expected a higher number to be sold by now. But the PS5 has been and still is somewhat difficult to find in the UK and probably other parts of the world.

Most fo the PS5 consoles found on sale are the UK seem to be bundles but finding the standalone disc or digital edition is still pretty difficult. Even the bundle consoles are selling pretty fast and it looks like we are still a long way from being able to easily get hold of one.

The PS5’s 98 weeks to reach 2 million consoles sold makes it the fourth fastest console to reach the 2 million mark. Putting it behind the Wii, PS2 and PS4.