PS5 Will Be A Very Energy Efficient Console

Saves the planet and saves you money on your electricity bills

Protecting the environment is extremely important, after all, we only have one planet. And unless Elon Musk invents a massive space ship[ to take us all to a terraformed Mars, we need to look after it. Sony Interactive Entertainment is playing their part by making the PS5 to be very energy efficient.

In a recent blog post on the SIE corporate site, the company details it’s progress in combating climate change alongside the United Nations’ Playing for the Planet Alliance.

SIE states that it has already avoided about 17.5 million tonnes of carbon emissions alone, through the PS4’s energy-efficient power supply, rest-mode and the system on a chip architecture.

But it seems that the PS5 will be even more energy-efficient than the PS4.

PS5 is very energy efficient

PS5 Energy Efficient Features

In the Playing for the Planet update, SIE reveals that one of the features of the PS5’s energy-efficient design will be its ability to suspend and resume gameplay at just 0.5 W of energy usage. This is around 72% less than the PS4 the blog post states.

Second, one of the important energy efficient features of PS5 will be its ability to suspend and resume game play at just 0.5 W. When enabled this will be around 72% less than for PS4.

This energy-saving feature alone makes the PS5 one planet-friendly console.

Lower Energy Bills with PS5?

You’re probably going to be using your PS5 quite a lot. With the coronavirus pandemic happening and economies taking a nosedive around the world, you’re probably concerned about finances. We all are.

Much like taxes, one of the main household bills we can’t escape from is out energy bills. Each year the cost of fuelling out homes seems to go up, and the energy companies keep making more profits. That sort of shit will probably never change.

But, with the PS5 being so energy efficient, it doesn’t just help the environment, it can also help lower the cost of electricity bills.

In theory, if the PS5 does consume a lot less power than the PS4 then our energy bills should reflect this.

You might not save a fortune, but over the lifespan of the PS5, you should see a reduction in your energy bills. So PS5 not only helps the planet by reducing carbon emissions., it also helps your pocket too.

The PlayStation 5 will launch November and is priced at £450/€500/$500 for the disc console and £360/€400/$400 for the digital edition.