PS5 Will Be Restocked Worldwide In February – Insider

New pre-orders will be available and it will be one per customer

PS5 consoles will be restocked globally in February according to an insider

The PS5 has been in high demand but short supply since it launched in November last year. Millions of people desperate to get their hands on Sony’s new console still haven’t been able to get one. And scalpers and automated bots have been scooping up PS5’s making it very difficult for the average customer to secure a PS5 order.

The PS5 and most of the accessories are pretty much out of stock everywhere right now – no matter where in the world you are. However, if Twitter gaming insider Robert Serrano is correct, the PS5 will be restocked globally next month.

Serrano seems to think that the PS5 will be back in stock next month and that new pre-orders will be available soon. The insider also reckons that orders will be limited to one per customer. If true, this should hopefully foil the scalpers and bots and make it easier for regular Joes to but one.

Bringing back a pre-order system would certainly help against the scalpers and bots and make it much fairer for regular consumers. With pre-orders in place, retailers could weed out orders of multiple consoles going to the same address or pre-ordered using the same details.

Only the other day Currys in the UK had a brief PS5 restock, which caused some chaos online.

It is not mentioned in Robert Serrano’s tweet how many PS5’s will actually be shipped to retailers but hopefully, Sony has managed to run a decent amount off the production lines.

PS5 Restock – Where to pre-order the PS5 if stock arrives in February?

It is not known how many PS5’s will be shipped next month or how many will be allocated to each retailer. The best bet is to bookmark several retailers’ PS5 product pages, sign up for notifications and alerts and keep your eyes peeled to the retailer’s social media for updates.

UK PS5 Retailers

This isn;t every UK retailer who might stock PS5’s so best to keep checking with any other retailers that you know of. It might also be an idea to sign up for alerts on

To cover all your bases, you may also want to follow the following Twitter accounts. These guys are usually pretty good at tweeting when PS5 stock might be available.

@Ps5Instant, @PS5StockUK, @PS5STOCKUK1, @Ps5StockUK3

You can also find a ton of other UK PS5 stock notification accounts on Twitter.

US PS5 Retailers

Again, this isn’t all the US retailers who may have PS5’s in stock come next month. You can also keep an eye on and sign up for alerts to find out if PS5’s go back into stock.

If you are still looking to grab a PS5, make sure to bookmark the retailers above for your location and check any other retailers you know of. Sign up for stock alerts and notifications and maybe sign up for an account at the retailer as well. Don’t bother looking on eBay for a PS5, the scalpers are just looking to milk you for every penny you have. Don’t overspend, be patient and the extra money can go towards some PS5 games.