Looks Like Red Matter 2’s PS VR2 Release Date Will Be the 18th of May

Releasing a bit sooner than expected

Red Matter 2 key art

Only last month Red Matter 2 developer Vertical Robot tweeted that the sequel to the PSVR1 game Red Matter would be coming to PS VR2 “very soon.” And it seems they weren’t kidding about the “very soon” part.

Earlier today an eagle-eyed Reddit user noticed that the UK and European PlayStation stores had updated the Red Matter 2 page with a May 18th release date.

screenshot of PS Store showing Red Matter 2 release date

So there you have it. It appears that Red Matter 2 will be coming to PS VR2 earlier than you might have thought.

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I actually played the first Red Matter on PS VR1 just before the PS VR2 came out and I absolutely loved it. It was set on a Russian space station on Mars and it had a pretty compelling story as well as some puzzles to solve.

Red Matter 2 sounds like it will be even better but still keeping the adventure-puzzle elements of the first game. The second game is also set in a dystopian cold war setting and takes you on a journey to the far reaches of space. In Red Matter 2 you play as Sasha, an agent awakened on a Lunar base by an undercover operative and you are tasked with uncovering the secrets of the Red Matter.

You can find out more about Red Matter 2 on the official website. I’ll keep you posted if the May 18th date changes.