Resident Evil Village’s PS VR2 Mode Launches Alongside the Headset on February 22nd 2023

Will be a seperate, free DLC

Resident Evil Village key art

The Resident Evil Village VR mode for PlayStation VR2 will be launching alongside the headset on February 22nd 2023 it has been announced.

The PS VR2 VR mode was announced back in June and will be a free DLC for owners of Resident Evil Village.

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When Resident Evil Village’s VR mode was first announced developer Capcom said that it will be able to provide an even deeper immersive experience by taking full advantage of the PS VR2’s 4K display, eye-tracking, 3D audio and more.

Writing recently on the PlayStation Blog a Capcom producer also said that the PS VR2 Sense Controllers will enable intuitive movements, which should further enhance the immersion.

The Sense controllers also enable intuitive movements like putting your arms up to guard and holding your gun out in front of you to shoot, and there are additional actions you can perform to heighten your immersion. Hold two weapons independently, load a clip into your handgun to reload, and wield your knife with slashing or stabbing attacks. It’s a truly captivating experience that puts you directly into the twisted world that Ethan Winters is fighting through.

The VR Mode will be a Free DLC but you will need the Resident Evil Village standard or Gold Editions to be able to download the separate VR mode DLC.