Returnal Update 3.03 Update Out Today WIll Balance Tower of Sisyphus Difficulty (Updated)

Hopefully this udpate makes Tower of Sisyphus a bit easier

Returnal Tower of Sisyphus screenshot

A short notification from Housemarque has been Tweeted this morning, about a new patch for PS5 exclusive Returnal. The update, 3.03 will balance difficulty in the Tower of Sisyphus Does this mean it will be a bit easier?). The Tower of Sisyphus is an endless mode that was launched alongside the Returnal: Ascension update.

As a result of this update, the leaderboards will be reset. Update 3.03 will be out at 12 PM BST.

Housemarque hasn’t released any official patch notes for this update yet.

Returnal recently celebrated its one-year anniversary since its launch on PS5. It was also recently awarded Best Game at the British Academy of Film, Television and Arts (BAFTA) Game Awards.

Update: Housemarque has just released the patch notes/list of bug fixes for Returnal update 3.03.

Bug fixes:

  • Tower of Sisyphus: Added Audio Log 94 to additional location in the tower
  • Tower of Sisyphus: Fixed a rare issue where Algos might refuse to die, or die too early in the tower
  • Tower of Sisyphus: Increased leaderboard scrolling speed
  • Co-Op: Fixed several issues where a client or host might encounter a black screen or hang when moving between biomes during co-op play
  • Co-Op: Fixed multiple minor gameplay bugs
  • Co-Op: Fixed two rare crashes in co-op mode