Rumour: PlayStation To Hold A Showcase In The First Week of June 2022

Another PlayStation event rumour but what have PlayStation got to announce, or show?

PlayStation sign at a PlayStation event

PlayStation’s first-party studios have been somewhat quiet recently. Sure we got Horizon Forbidden West in February and Gran Turismo 7 in March. And of course, there was the official name and specification reveal of PSVR 2 in January. But, apart from that, there has not been much in the way of new game announcements from any of the PlayStation Studios. But according to games journalist Jeff Grubb, PlayStation will have a show in the first week of June.

Speaking on his GamesBeat Decides show on YouTube and first reported by Gaming Intel, Grubb says that he is hearing from multiple people that “Sony will actually have a show the first week of June.” However, Grubb states that he can’t confirm this.

As with every rumour take it with a massive pile of salt, as they often turn out to not be true. With that being said though, Sony really does need to start showing some more stuff off. There’s already hype for God of War Ragnarok, but apparently, Santa Monica Studio is not quite ready to share more on that yet.

The only other first-party, PlayStation exclusives that have been announced are Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine. But they are probably not coming out until next year.

God of War Ragnarok screenshot

What could Sony announce or show at the next PlayStation Showcase in 2022?

If there was a PlayStation Showcase to happen in early June, the most obvious thing for them to show would be the new PlayStation Plus. The new tiered PlayStation Plus has already been announced and what you get with each tier has been detailed. But Sony has yet to announce any of the games that we might be getting with the Extra and Premium tiers. Returnal is pretty much guaranteed to be on the new PS Plus and some PS1, PS2 and PSP games have started to appear on PSN. But a full showcase of what games will be available for downloading or streaming would be useful.

The second most obvious thing for Sony to show, assuming Cory Barlog is ready by then, would be more from God of War: Ragnarok. A release date announcement would be pretty awesome too.

PlayStation Studios logo with PlayStation shape icons glowing

Pretty much every PlayStation Studio is working on something. From new AAA IPs to AAA multi-player and live service games. Herman Hulst also revealed in May last year that PlayStation Studios had 25 PS5 games in development. A few of them, like Horizon Forbidden West, has already been released but that still leaves a lot still to be announced.

There is also the rumoured The Last of Us Remake, which is apparently being worked on by Sony’s Visual Arts Services Group. And there is The Last of Us Factions, a standalone multiplayer game apparently in development at Naughty Dog.

And lastly, there is PlayStation VR2. Although PS VR2 has been rumoured to be not coming until early 2023, Sony could still show us some more games. Like Horizon Call of the Mountain.

PlayStation at Summer Game Fest

Even if a PlayStation Showcase or even a new State of Play doesn’t happen in June Sony is bound to have some kind of event at some point this year. Whether it be a smaller State of Play or a bigger, grander showcase, PlayStation will undoubtedly want to show something off, at some point.

We also have Summer Game Fest happening in early June which Sony is a partner. So it is possible that some kind of news might be revealed then. But up until an official announcement from Sony, it’s all just a guessing game and rumours.