Rumour: Sony Is Planning to Launch a PS5 Console with a Detachable Disc Drive

One PS5 model to suit everyone instead of two

PS5 disc edition console

According to some Sony sources speaking to journalist Tom Henderson, Sony is to launch a new PS5 console model that has a detachable disc drive.

Tom Henderson, writing on, claims sources close to Sony’s plans have told him that the new console will replace the current models that have been in production since the PS5 launched.

This new console is apparently named the ‘D’ chassis PlayStation 5 and will have almost identical hardware to the PS5 consoles currently on sale.

Henderson explains that the most striking thing about this alleged new PS5 model is that it will come with a detachable disc drive. The detachable disc drive will be attached to the console via an extra USB-C port on the back of the console.

PS5 Digital Edition console - will allegedly be replaced with one with a detachable disc drive

If this new PS5 console is actually real, then it sounds like Sony is simply ditching the separate PS5 disc and digital editions. And possibly launching just a single PS5 that you can either buy with or without a disc drive.

One PS5 Console Model Instead of 2

In his article, Henderson also claims that the new PS5 console will be sold separately or as a bundle that includes the disc drive. So it could be that Sony, instead of making two console versions, will just make one. And if you want to play disc-based games then you can simply buy the bundle with the detachable disc drive.

Henderson further states that the disc drive will also be sold separately, so if the original breaks you can just buy another. No need to fork out on a whole new console because one bit of it broke.

Discussing the aesthetics of this alleged new PS5, Henderson says his sources have told him that although the disc drive is portable and detachable. It will attach to the new console without “looking external” and will look similar to the existing PS5 model.

If this new PS5 model turns out to be real then it will be good news for prospective PS5 owners. I think there are a few people who probably regret going with the digital PS5 as it basically means you don’t have the option of cheap or pre-owned disc games.

So this new PS5 console model, if real, could be a game-changer. As presumably any detachable disc drive would surely work with the current PS5 digital console.