Rumour Suggests a New Astro Bot Game Is To Be Revealed Soon

New game will feature a small robotic fox but won’t be on PSVR2 leaker claims

Astro Bot in Astro's Playroom on PS5

Reliable and often-accurate leaker Billbil-kun froBillbil-kun from the French website Dealabs has said that a new Astro Bot game from Team Asobi will be revealed soon.

The new information obtained by Dealabs comes as rumours swirl around a new State of Play potentially happening at the end of this month.

Rumours about a new Astro Bot game have been circulating for a while. Back in February insider Jeff Grub said that he has heard a new Astro game is coming this year. Even further back in August 2023, Sony started registering Astro Bot trademarks in Europe. Fuelling speculation that a new Astro Bot game could be on its way.

And even further back than that in 2021, it was reported that Team Asobi where working on a new 3D action-adventure game.

Astro Bot standing on a PS5 DualSense controller

A New Astro Bot Game

According to the information Dealabs has managed to gather, part of the new Astro game will be played in an environment “in the heart of a desert”. There would also be a new character in the game which takes the form of a robotic Fennec (a small fox I think).

If Dealabs information is accurate it will be disappointing for PSVR2 fans hoping to see another Astro Bot VR outing. Dealabs thinks that the new Astro Bot game will be exclusive to PS5 but it won’t be on PSVR2. Meaning that the new game will be playable flat only, with not even a hybrid VR mode.

i guess we will need to wait and see if a new State of Play pops up at the end of May.

Source: Dealabs