Rumour: The Next Major PS5 Update Will Include Discord and PS5 Game Streaming

An open Beta to test the new features is also rumoured to start this month

PS5 system software 7.0 is rumoured to feature discored and PS5 game streaming

The next major PS5 system software update, which will be version 7.00, is rumoured to have full Discord integration and support for streaming PS5 games on the cloud.

This rumour comes from Tom Henderson over at, to be fair Tom is usually spot on with these things. The guy either has very good sources or is just really good at guessing.

PlayStation announced way back in May 2021 that they had invested in and are partnering with Discord to bring the chat for gamers to PS5 and PS4. And if this rumour is accurate then we will see Discord chat integration on PS5 soon. Although there is no mention of integration with PS4.

Henderson reckons that a public beta of PS5 system software 7.00 will be coming very soon and will be completed by the end of January.

On top of the Discord integration, Henderson’s sources also say that PS5 game streaming via the cloud (and a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription) will be coming in the 7.00 update. Currently, only PS4 games and PS1 and PS2 games can be streamed on the cloud. Henderson’s sources further state that this particular feature has been in development for several months under the code name ‘Cronus.’

Of course, until we get official confirmation from Sony this is still a rumour. But TOm Henderson is usually pretty accurate so I can see this being true.

Many PlayStation Fans have been looking forward to full Discord chat integration for a while. And if these rumours are indeed accurate, then you won’t have to wait long for it.

Source: Insider Gaming