Sony Giving Away Epic PlayStation Prizes in Days of Play Competition

Win some cool PlayStation prizes in the Days of Play competition

If you’ve subscribed to receive messages from Sony about PlayStation related stuff you’ll probably have seen the emails ent out a couple of days ago about the Days of Play sale and the awesome competition.

Sony are giving away an epic prize bundle  in the Days of Play competition including a limited edition Days of Play themed PS4 and a PSVR starter kit.

Yes, there is a ton of goodies being given away by Sony for the Days of Play competition, I’m particularly salivating over the limited edition PS4 although sadly, it doesn’t look like it’s a PS4 Pro.

I would also rather like the PSVR starter kit, I’ve yet to get a PSVR, due to being skint all the time so maybe I’ll get lucky and win one.

The full list of prizes includes:

  • A Limited Edition Days of Play 500GB PlayStation 4
  • A PlayStation VR Starter Pack (which includes a PS VR Headset, PlayStation Camera, and a PlayStation Store voucher code for PlayStation VR Worlds)
  • 12-month PlayStation Plus membership
  • 12 x £70 PlayStation Store credit – delivered in 12 monthly instalments

The 12 x £79 PlayStation Store credit is also a great prize, that’s enough to buy a full price, brand new AAA release every single month, with a few quid left over for soemthing else, Sony really are being generous with these prizes.

To have a chance of winning all these goodies all you have to do is unlock one trophy everyday between 8th June and 18th June, 11 in total. The trophies can be from any PS4 game you own but you have to register to take part.

Once you’ve collected your 11 trophies, Sony will then email you and you will have to answer two tie-breaker questions.

With the awesome prizes up for grabs now is the time to hunt through your backlog of PS4 games and dig out something that has easy trophies and then just unlock one each day between 8th and 18th June.

Also starting on the 8th of June is the Days of Play sale where you can save plenty of bucks on PlayStation Hardware and Games, sweet.