Sony Has Registered Astro Bot Trademarks In Europe

Astro Bot is hopefully going to star in anew game soon

Astro Bot standingnext to a PS5 DualSense controller

PlayStation brand holder Sony Interactive Entertainment has registered Astro Bot trademarks in Europe. But does this mean a new game is on the horizon?

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently registered two trademarks with Europe’s Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The first trademark is a registration for the Astro Bot logo and the registration has a type of “Figurative.” Further down the trademark page, the Astro Bot logo is included.

Astro Bot logo.

The second trademark filing has a type of word and is just for the Astro Bot name or phrase.

Both trademark filings have a list of goods and services which the trademark will be used for. Video game software is mentioned several times but there are also products like books motion pictures and television shows listed.

Astro Bot trademark filings goods and services descriptions

It seems fairly certain that a new Astro Bot game is most likely in the works. But given PlayStation’s recent penchant for bringing its IP to movie and TV screens is it also quite possible that Astro Bot could be expanded into other media.

Personally, I just want a new Astro Bot Rescue Mission for PS VR2.

Astro Bot has become a PlayStation Mascot and icon since the loveable little bot first appeared in the Playroom VR mini-game on PS VR. In fact, Sony designed Astro Bot to be an actual PlayStation mascot. As fans fell in love with Astro Bot, the little bot made a return in Astro Bot Rescue Mission on PS VR. Then, of course, Astro made another appearance as the star of the PS5 launch game Astro’s Playroom.

Astro Bot certainly has a lot of charm and appeal and it will be exciting to see where Sony takes the PlayStation icon in the future.

Source: Twitter