Sony Is Sending Out Emails About the New Playstation Plus to UK Subscribers

Get ready for the future of PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus logo

Sony is sending out emails to UK PlayStation Plus subscribers notifying them of the upcoming revamp to the service on June 22nd. On June 22nd in the UK and Europe, PlayStation Plus will be changing to a multi-tiered service.

The email, which has been sent out today lists what is included in each membership tier. The email also reassures users about certain aspects of the new service. And lets users know that they can upgrade to a higher tier. Upgrading to a higher tier sounds pretty simple, you just pay the difference between your current plan and the new plan, adjusted for the time remaining on your subscription.

screenshot of the email from PlayStation about the new PS Plus

If you are subscribed to PlayStation Plus when the new, revamped service launches on June 22nd, you will automatically be transferred to the equivalent subscription plan. If you are also subscribed to PS Now when it launches, you’ll move over to the new Premium tier.

There is also good news for people who stacked up on PlayStation Now subscriptions. A new FAQ published on the PlayStation website states that subscribers with a lot of pre-paid (stacked) time will be able to keep their pre-paid time within the new service.

Yes, you will get to keep all of your pre-paid time within the new service.

Sony’s new PlayStation Plus service launches in the UK and Europe on June 22nd. There will be three membership tiers: Essential, Extra and Premium. Essential is priced the same as PS Plus just now. Extra will be £83.99 yearly and Premium will be £99.99 yearly. Take a look at the official PlayStation Plus pricing structure below.

New PlayStaton Plus pricing structure UK