Sony Registers New PlayStation Experience (PSX) Trademark

Rumours of a PlayStation Experience event in 2021 may actually be true, maybe

While Sony may not have made an appearance at E3 this year, that doesn’t mean that they won’t have their own event to show off what’s in store for PlayStation. A rumour of a new PlayStation Experience event at the end of this month has been circulating social media for a bit now.

There was also a rumour that a PlayStation event might happen on July 8th.

These rumours might be more than just wishful thinking from PlayStation fans, as a new trademark for PSX (PlayStation Experience) has been discovered. The trademark application, which was spotted by TechGameBox, was only filed on 11th June.

The identification, which I guess is the purpose of the trademark is described as the following;

PlayStation Experience trademark description

Given this new trademark application, it would seem that Sony is likely planning for another PlayStation Experience event at some point.

Horizon Forbidden West oofficial screenshot

Sony still has a lot more news and information to share about its future plans and projects for both PS5 and PS4. We still need to find out if Horizon Forbidden West will actually release this year. There’s also the 25 games that PlayStation Studios are working on, we would definitely like to see and hear more about those.

There’s also the previously announced next-generation of PlayStation VR (PSVR 2.) Apparently, Sony has pencilled in a 2022 release for their next-gen VR offering, so it seems likely that they would want to tell us more about that this year.

When would a PlayStation Experience event be held?

The last PlayStation Experience event was held almost three years ago in 2018. With coronavirus coming under control in some parts of the world, maybe now is the time to have another one. Or at least an online event.

It is difficult to predict exactly when Sony might hold a new PlayStation experience (if they are planning to host one.) According to the dates of previous events on Wikipedia, they were either held in August on December. Of the eight past PSX events, four were in August and four were in December.

I would predict either August or December this year, assuming they are having an event of course.