Sony Releases Some Character Art to Celebrate Uncharted’s 10th Anniversary

We really need a new Uncharted game

Uncharted 10th Anniversary

Hard to believe that the Uncharted series is 10 years old, ah the memories. The Uncharted games are definitely some of my favourite games of all time, the amazing stories, the platforming and gun fighting and overall exhilarating gameplay make the Uncharted series of games some of the most loved and most critically acclaimed games ever.

I remember seeing some footage of Uncharted Drake’s Fortune and though it reminded me of the very first Tomb Raider game released on the original PlayStation 1. I went out and bought Uncharted Drake’s Fortune the day of its release and from the moment I started playing I was hooked, I’ve loved the Uncharted games ever since.

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Uncharted, Sony has released some rather cool character art of the main characters from the Uncharted series.

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As well as the cool character at above, Sony has also released a bundle of free avatars and themes for the PS4 but sadly you can only get it if you’re in North America. What the hell Sony? The UK loves Uncharted too you know.

Theres also this really cool looking poster that was also shown off at PlayStation Experience.

I really hope that Sony and Naughty Dog release another Uncharted game at some point. Uncharted The Lost Legacy was great even though there was no Nathan Drake in it, perhaps they could make an uncharted game that was a prequel to Drake’s Fortune with a young Nathan Drake setting off on his first crazy, treasure hunting adventure or something, that would be smashing.