Sony Shows Off The PS VR2 in Official Unboxing Video

The PS VR2 box looks pretty snazzy

PS VR2 unboxing

Sony is starting to kick the PS VR2 marketing and hype machine into high gear. The company recently released a new ad spot for PS VR2 that showcases the headset and Sense controller’s innovative new gameplay features. Now, to follow on from all the other PS VR2 unboxing videos of the past few days, PlayStation has released its own official PS VR2 unboxing video.

Check it out below.

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What’s In The Box

The abundance of unboxing videos certainly has me very, very excited. With only 10 days to go until the PS VR2 launches, it really feels like days are turning into weeks and time is just dragging by.

But thanks to the unboxing videos, including Sony’s official ones above we can get an idea of what our own unboxing experience will be like when that package from PlayStation Direct finally arrives on our doorsteps on February 22nd.

The packaging and outer box for the PS VR2 look pretty cool with a blue top and images of the PS VR2 headset and controllers on the side. Inside this box is another box, this time a white one. The white box is adorned with PlayStation Symbols and might look cool sitting on a shelf.

Inside the white box is another smaller white box which holds the PS VR2 accessories. And then there is the headset and Sense controllers. The Sense controllers already have the wrist straps attached. There is also a set of earphones that come with three different sizes of earbuds depending on how big, or small your lug holes are.

Finally, the unboxing video shows how easy it is to set up the PS VR2 compared to the PS VR. There’s no external camera no mess of wires, and no separate break-out box. Simply plug the USB Type C cable into your PS5 and you are good to go.

PS VR2 launches on February 22nd.