Sony to Announce New PS5 Event Date “Soon”

New date coming “soon” for PS5 Future of Gaming event

PS5 dark DualSense

Sony will announce a new date for the postponed PS5 event “soon”.   A short statement was added to the description  PS5 – Future of Gaming video on YouTube stating that they will “be in touch soon with a new date soon.”

Sony statement new date for PS5 event soon

How soon is soon? Well, that’s s anybody’s guess but with a lot of other gaming events being postponed due to the ongoing protests in the U.S, it could be a week or two before we get a concrete date.

Gamesradar’s Future Games Show has been delayed from the 6th June to the 13th of June. And the Cyberpunk 2077 New City Wire event has been pushed back to June 25th. So it is possible we might see the PS5 event just before the Future Games Show or sometime in between these two dates.

PlayStation fans everywhere are eager for new information on the PlayStation 5 including what games we will get to play at launch, what the console will look like and what the price will be. And when we can start to pre-order the PS5.

The PS5 event was originally stated to be featuring only games, but given the postponement, it is possible that Sony may make the re-scheduled event a bit longer. This could mean that Sony might actually show off the PS5 console design.

With only about 5 months to go until the PS5 is due to hit store shelves, Sony will undoubtedly want to start marketing the PlayStation 5 in full force. So it wouldn’t surprise me if the PS5 Future of Gaming event was a bit more substantial than originally planned.