Star Wars Jedi Survivor – How to Open The Door at Buried Refuge

Use the force to open this door

Star Wars Jedi Survivor screenshot

It seems that a lot of doors in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor always need to be opened from the other side. But there is a door at Buried Refuge on Jedha that is a bit more puzzling.

You’ll come across this door during the mission to locate Brother Armias.

Opening the door requires using Cal’s force powers to move two panels into the correct position. It also requires Cal to use his force to grab onto a couple of connector things. Read on for the guide.

Opening the Door at Buried Refuge

You’ll come across this puzzle door during your mission to locate Brother Armias, the door location is shown in the map screenshot below.

If you prefer watching a video guide, then there is one below.

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Map screenshot showing the door and player locationa t Buried Refuge on Jedha
Cal’s location on the map

Notice the two large panels on either side of the door at the far ends.

door panel

Look up above the door and you will see two connector things you can grab with L2. These connector things have appeared previously in the game. The connectors are like extendable cables that you can grab and they will usually lift another object up.

connector above door that Cal can grab using L2

Grab the connector cable above the left-hand side of the door and then connect it to the thing that looks a bit like a gravestone to Cal’s left. This lifts up the bumper on the left side of the door allowing the panels to pass.

Now, use Cal’s force pull to pull the right-hand panel and make it move towards the left. Then quickly grab the connector cable above the right-hand side of the door and pull it all the way out. This will lift up the right bumper and will let the panel move all the way to the left. Next to wear the left panel is.

Right panel next to the left panel

Release the right cable connector to let the bumper drop down again. Now use force pull to pull the right door back over. This time it will get stopped by the bumper at the door. Now pull the left panel over to meet up with the right panel and you can now use R2 to open the door.

Tow panels in the final position alowing Cal to open the door