Sucker Punch Renews Infamous Domain Name, Infamous PS5?

New Infamous game in the works, perhaps?

Sucker Punch Renews Infamous domain name, Infamous PS5?

Sucker Punch Productions, who have recently been working on Ghost of Tsushima for PS4, have renewed the official Infamous game domain name. Could this possibly mean they are about to start work on a new Infamous game?

Twitter user @geronimo_73, who is a Video Game Industry insider and leaker seems to think so.

A quick Who Is lookup for does show that the domain name was last updated on 27th June 2020. The domain name has been renewed for a further year and now expires on 20th August 2021.

infamous domain renewal date
Screenshot showing domain renewal date –

The idea that Sucker Punch could be working on anew Infamous game is kind of backed up by some job postings on their website. Specifically a job listing for a Senior Lighting Artist.

One of the main responsibilities for the Senior Lighting Artist is “Lighting tasks on a significant portion of the game environment.”

Light plays a major role in a game like Infamous. With its open-world setting and neon light powers as seen in Infamous: Second Son and First Light.

One of the main qualifications & skills required by the would-be Senior Lighting Artist is “Ability to research or track down real-world reference when needed.” This could point to Sucker Punch’s next project being an open-world game, set in a real-world location.

Infamous: Second Son and Infamous: First Light were set in Seattle. Whereas Infamous and Infamous 2 were set in alternate versions of real-world cities. Empire City (New York City) and New Marais (New Orleans) respectively.

Infamous PS5?

Of course, the renewal of a domain name does not really mean much. Infamous, Infamous Second Son and Infamous First Light are all registered trademarks held by Sony. It is not unusual for companies to renew domain names or trademarks that have particular brand importance.

Infamous: Second Son

A new Infamous game for PS5 would be great though. The game would be well suited to utilise the PS5’s increased power and super-fast SSD. Not to mention the deeper immersion using the DualSense controller’s Adaptive Triggers and Haptic feedback capabilities.

Although the speculation and evidence presented above do not necessarily mean there is going to be an Infamous PS5, it’s a safe bet that both Sony and Sucker Punch have at least considered the idea. So a new Infamous game on PS5 could yet become a reality.