Suicide Guy VR Is Coming to PlayStation VR

Get ready to kill yourself all over again, this time in VR

Suicide Guy VR is coming to PlayStation VR

A Virtual Reality version of Suicide Guy is in the works for PlayStation VR. One of the game’s developers posted the games key-art over on the PSVR subreddit. Essentially confirming that Suicide Guy  VR is indeed coming to PSVR.

The original Suicide Guy game, published and developed by Chubby Pixel, was released in 2017. In the game, you play as an average Joe type character who has some crazy, wild dreams. The game involves solving some puzzles in each level in order for the guy to kill himself, so he can wake up from his dreams.

Suicide Guy was a pretty fun game with some interesting but too challenging puzzles to solve. It will be fascinating to see how the game plays in VR mode.

What info is there on Suicide Guy VR?

Not a great deal at the moment. One of the game developers has made brief comments on Reddit when asked about the game.

The Virtual Reality version of Suicide Guy will feature full locomotion movement as well as a teleport mode for comfort. The developer confirms the addition of a teleport mode in this thread. Full locomotion movement can be seen in this early gameplay video below.

Full locomotion movement and smooth turning in the VR version of the game, as well as some new VR interactions and ladder climbing, can be seen in this video.

The game will also feature some VR platforming sections, as can be seen in the video posted here.

The game will be a full VR game. By the sound of it, it will be the original game, playable in VR plus some VR only levels.

Suicide Guy VR
Suicide Guy VR Dev confirms it will be a full VR game

When asked when the new VR game would be releasing the developer stated “a few months”, which could put the release of the game before the end of the year.

Suicide Guy VR will be officially announced soon according to the developer.