Team Asobi is Teasing Astro Bot Ahead of Possible New Game Reveal

Looks like Astro Bot will be coming home

Astro's PLayroom screenshot

Team Asobi, the developers of PS5’s Astro’s Playroom and PSVR’s Astro Bot Rescue Mission are teasing something Astro Bot related. The Twitter post which shows Astro waving froBaja: Edge Of Control HD (PS4) inside a PlayStation Home logo as another Astro Bot climbs the side of the logo, comes as rumours about a new Astro Bot game are swirling.

The post simply says “Honey, I’m home” and the short video clip shows Astro waving from heing a PlayStation home logo. The clip looks like it comes from Astro’s Playroom.

However, the mention of “Home” in the post and Astro standing behind the PlayStation Home logo could mean something.

Earlier this week, reliable leaker Dealabs claimed that a new Astro Bot game was well in development and would be revealed soon. Dealabs also claimed that the new game would feature a desert level and a small robotic Fox as a character.