The 24K Gold PS5 Will Cost You 8 Grand


UK luxury goods retailer sellling gold PS5 at £8000 a piece

A while back a UK luxury goods company called Truly Exquisite announced that they would be selling a Gold PS5. Truly Exquisite have now updated their website with pre-order and pricing details on their range of custom PS5’s that only the filthy rich can afford.

The luxury retailer is selling the PS5 consoles in a range of blinged-out finishes, including 24K Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum.

However, if you fancy one of these custom consoles you’re going to have to fork out a fair wad of cash.

Here’s –  what the luxury PS5 consoles and accessories will cost.

  • 24K Gold PS5 Digital Edition – £7999
  • 18K Rose Gold PS5 Digital Edition – £8099
  • Platinum PS5 Digital Edition – £8199
  • 24K Gold Disc PS5 – £8099
  • 18K Rose Gold Disc PS5 – £8199
  • Platinum Disc PS5 – £8299

The PS5 DualSense controller is priced at £649 and the Pulse 3D Headset is priced at £399,

So if you want to buy even the cheapest custom PS5 on that list, you’re going to need a spare £900 lying around.

Truly Exquisite’s website also states that they will start taking pre-orders for these luxurious gaming machines starting September 10th at 3 PM UK time. But this should be taken as an indication fo when actual PS5 pre-orders might start, as retailers can basically have pre-orders at anytime they want.

According to the website, there will only be 250 consoles made per model/finish, so if you’ve just won the lottery and want one of these bad boys, better get your pre-order in, sharp.