The Division 2 Home League Guide: Cleaners Members Bled

This guide will show you how to easily affect Cleaners members with the Bleed status effect for the Home League challenge

The new league challenges for The Division 2 have just been activated as of yesterday. For the next couple of weeks, agents will be tasked with completing the Home League Challenges to earn some tasty loot.

Home League is similar to previous leagues in Season 1 of The Division 2, there are a few speed run challenge missions and challenges involving killing or applying certain status effects to enemy combatants.

This guide will focus on the Cleaner Members Bled challenge, where you have to apply a bleed status effect to enemies from the Cleaners factions.

To complete this particular league challenge you have to apply the Bleed status effect to 140 Cleaners. With this guide, you’ll get that done in a jiffy.

The Build

Using the build I have in the image above will get this challenge done in no time.

For this build, you are going to need 4 pieces of Ongoing Directive gear, that’s the green coloured gear.

The reason we want Ongoing Directive gear is for the talent that kicks in when you have 4 or more pieces equipped. The talent is called Rules of Engagement, where killing a status effected enemy drops hollow-point ammo, hollow-point ammo amplifies weapon damage by 20% and applies Bleed on hit. So not only are you getting your bleed challenge done, but you’re also getting a nice 20% increase in damage to breeze through the content you’re playing.

To go with this build and to make sure you’re getting hollow-point ammo to drop, you will also need to make sure to apply a status effect to an enemy before killing them.

The two skills you should be equipping for this are Stinger Hive and Banshee Pulse. The Stinger hive applies the Bleed status effect to enemies so it’s helping you get this challenge done faster and when the Stinger kills enemies it will drop hollow-point ammo because they have a status effect applied.

Simply pick up the hollow-point ammo and shoot some bad guys with it to increase your challenge rank.

You can also use the banshee pulse to apply the disorient status effect to enemies then kill them while disorientated to get more hollow-point ammo to drop. Status effects can also be applied with various other skills which you can equip alongside the Stinger Hive and you can also apply status effects with grenades.

Best place to complete the bleed challenge

As this Home League challenge requires you to apply the Bleed status effect to cleaners enemies, any activity, control point or mission with Cleaners faction enemies is where you need to go.

There is a few Cleaners control points and activities scattered throughout New York and Washington DC, but the best place I have found to do this challenge is in the Pathway Park mission, as it is all Cleaners enemies.

To make the challenge even easier, you can set them mission difficulty to normal and it will still count.

Make your way through Pathway Park deploying your Stinger Hive, killing Cleaners while they have been affected with a status effect and pick up the hollow-point ammo and kill even more cleaner to rank up your league rank. The rogue shock traps that are deployed in various parts of this mission can also be shot and will sometimes drop hollow-point ammo.

And that is all there is to it. Equip your build and take out the cleaners in the Pathway Park mission and you’ll have this challenge done in no time at all.