The Guy VR Deluxe Is Coming to PlayStation VR2

Hilarious first-person, physics puzzler is coming to PS VR2

The Guy VR key art

A developer at Chubby Pixel, who brought us games like Suicide Guy and The Guy VR for PS VR has announced that a deluxe edition of The Guy VR will be heading to PS VR2.

Chubby Pixel dev MalboMX posted the announcement to the PSVR subreddit.

The Guy VR is coming to PS VR2. Video footage is from the PC VR version

The Guy VR (also known as Suicide Guy VR) is a first-person, physics-based puzzle game. I have played the regular version of Suicide Guy on PS4 and it was pretty good with some absolutely hilarious moments. I’ve not tried The Guy VR yet but it’s only £7.99 so I might give it a go ahead of its PS VR2 release.

The Chubby Pixel dev didn’t explain exactly what is included in the Delux version of The Guy VR when it comes to PS VR2. But it will likely include some DLC or something like that.

However, in response to a Reddit user’s question, the developer did say that they hope to release The Guy VR Deluxe as a free update. So if you already own The Guy VR for PS4 you won’t have to buy it again.

byu/MalboMX from discussion

Chubby Pixel hasn’t given any details on when The Guy VR Deluxe will launch on PS VR2. But by the sound of it it could be a launch title or come out shortly after the PS VR2’s launch. Stay tuned for more info.