The Horizon Series Has Sold A Staggering 32.7 Million Units

Great things are on the Horizon for Aloy and Guerrilla Games

Horizon Forbidden West screenshot - Aloy

Since the release of Horizon Zero Dawn in 2017 the Horizon series has been an extremely popular and well-received franchise for PlayStation and its developer Guerrilla Games. PlayStation fans loved the games’ open world, the awesome robot dinosaur machines and of course the star of the series Aloy.

The second game in the series proved to be just as popular as the first as fans took Aloy on a journey to the Forbidden West. In a PlayStation Blog post today, Guerrilla Games has revealed that the entire Horizon Series has sold through over 32.7 million units with Horizon Forbidden West selling over 8.4 million units.

The “sold through” part is important as that means the number of copies actually sold to gamers.

A screnshot of Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn
Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn was also sold on PC and this figure takes those sales into account. The last official word on Horizon Zero Dawn’s sales figures where in February last year when PlayStation tweeted that it had sold over 20 million copies.

With Horizon Zero Dawn selling 20 million units and Horizon Forbidden West selling 8.4 million units you might deduce that Horizon Call of the Mountain on PS VR2 has sold about 4.3 million units. That figure seems a bit high for a PS VR2 game, but if the actual number is even close then it could mean that PS VR2 has sold pretty well already.

With sales figures like that, it’s no wonder PlayStation has greenlit a third Horizon game and a Horizon Multiplayer game. And even possibly a Horizon MMO and a Zero Dawn Remaster.

Source: PlayStation Blog