The Invincible Will Have Some Additional Twists, Adjusted Storyline

Sci-Fi Thriller

The Invincible is quickly becoming popular on the old interwebs. The upcoming game for PS5 by Starward Industries is getting a lot of praise for it’s gorgeous looking art style and graphics, as can be seen in the official screenshots.

The developer announced the game about 7 hours ago via Twitter and the Tweet has already garnered almost 2000 likes.

I wrote a post about the game earlier, and, while doing some research for the post, I came across the plot for the novel on which the game is based.

If you haven’t read my previous article, the game is based on the novel The Invincible by Polish writer Stanislaw Lem.

The Invincible annoucned for PS5

In short, the plot of the novel revolves around a powerful and armed space ship called Invincible. The ship lands on a seemingly uninhabited planet and the crew investigate the loss of the Invincible’s sister ship,

Whilst investigating, the crew find some kind of life form which seems to have evolved from semi-autonomous machines, left behind by an alien race.

The story sounds like some really good, old-fashioned sci-fi awesomeness.

After reading the plot summary I actually went to Amazon and bought the book, this will be the first book I’ve read in a very long time.

Will The Invincible differ from the novel?

Since the plot sounded so good, I thought I would ask the developers if the game remains true to the book but in a playable game form.

The developers, being the nice folks that they are, where more than happy to answer my question.

From Starward Industries’ reply, we now know that the game will take place on a planet called Regis III, which is the same planet as the novel.

All major events from the novel will also be in place. However, the developers have adjusted the storyline a bit and implemented some additional twists.

The Invincible is developed and published by Starward Industries and is set to release on PS5 next year.

The novel by Stanislaw Lem is available from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Amazon (US), Amazon (UK).