The Last of of Us Part 2 Guide: The Tunnels Locker Room Code

Unlock the Locker Room

This guide will walk you through the process of getting the code to open up The Tunnels Locker Room. The Tunnels part of the game is in Chapter 13, Seattle Day 1.

When you are exploring The Tunnels in Chapter 13 of The Last of Us Part 2. You will come across a canteen room, with vending machines and tables. As you enter this room you will notice there is a locked door which required a 5 digit combination.

To get the combination, we just have to locate a couple of items.

When you first enter the canteen, head left and go past the vending machine on the left wall. To the right of the vending machine, you will see two tables. On the right-hand table, pick up the torn piece of newspaper which has a handwritten note on it.

The note reads:

Hey Dewey – Forgot the code again? Get me a soda and the code is yours. – V

As the note suggests, to get the code for the door to get the code. Turn round and go to the vending machine you just passed. You will notice there is a soda can inside it which looks like it has a post-it note attached to it.

Smash the glass on the vending machine with a melee and pick up the soda can.

Now, read the note on the soda can.

“The code is 1-5-2-?-? Okay, enough hints. If you can’t figure the rest out, I’m with the wrong man. Enjoy! – V”

Solving the rest of the Tunnels Locker Room code

Unfortunately, the note only provides you with a partial code. Thankfully, the rest is very easy to figure out.

Now, head to the locked door and input the first part of the code, 1-5-2. You will see that the buttons remain pressed in, meaning there can only be another two combinations with the remaining numbers, 4 and 3. Just input 4-3 as the remaining two digits and hey presto! The door will open. The full code is 1-5-2-4-3.

And that’s it. The door to The Tunnels Locker Room is now open and you can go inside and loot whatever goodies you can find.