The Last of Us Part 2 All Safe Combinations

All 15 Safe Combinations and codes

the last of us part 2 guide:all safe combinations and codes

There is a total of 15 safe combinations in The Last of Us Part 2. Finding and unlocking these safes is required for the Safecracker trophy.

I’ve been posting a bit more detailed guides on where to find the safes and the artefact or clues that reveal their combinations. This post will simply list the Act, Chapter, Location and code of the safe, with a link to the detailed guide for each.


Jackson Safe Combinations

Chapter: Patrol

Located in the Supermarket. Code: 07-20-13

Detailed Guide

Seattle Day 1

Chapter: Downtown

Downtown has two safes and a bank vault which requires a code.

1. Located in the Courthouse Building. Code: 86-07-22

Detailed Guide

2. Located at Gate West 2. Code: 04-51

Detailed Guide

3. Bank Vault, located in the Bank building. Code: 60-23-06

Detailed Guide (including Uncharted Easter Egg)

Chapter: Capitol Hill

Located in the Thrift Store. Code: 55-01-33

Detailed Guide

Chapter: The Tunnels

Canteen Locker Room code. Code: 1-5-2-4-3

Detailed Guide

Seattle Day 2 Safe Combinations

Chapter: Hillcrest

Located inside the garage blocked by the wheelie bin. Code: 30-82-65

Detailed Guide

Chapter: The Seraphites

There are 2 safes located in the chapter The Seraphites.

1. Located in an a bedroom of an apartment. Code: 10-08-83

Detailed Guide

2. Located in Weston’s Pharmacy. Code: 38-55-23.

Detailed Guide

Seattle Day 3 Safe Combinations

Chapter: The Flooded City

Located in a fenced-off area to the right of the shutter. Code: 70-12-64

Detailed Guide

Seattle Day 1 Safe Combinations

Chapter: On Foot

Located in a warehouse building to the right of the trailer. Code: 17-38-07

Detailed Guide

Chapter: Hostile Territory

Located in the Jasmine Bakery shop. Code: 68-96-89

Detailed Guide

Chapter: The Coast

Located in the bridge area of the large cruise ship. Code: 90-77-01

Detailed Guide

Seattle Day 2 Safe Combinations

Chapter: The Shortcut

Located in the bedroom of an apartment. Code: 30-23-04

Detailed Guide

Chapter: The Descent

Located inside a cleaning closet in a hotel. Next to the hotel gym. Code: 12-18-79

Detailed Guide

And that is all 15 safe combinations and codes that are required for the Safecracker trophy in The Last of Us Part 2.