The Last of Us Part 2 Guide: Hillcrest Garage Safe Combination

Watch out for the infected!

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This guide will show you the code for the safe located inside the Auto Garage in Hillcrest.

When you’re in Hillcrest, head through the Shear Lux Hair Salon. Behind the Hair Salon, you will find the Garage. The garage has a green door being blocked by a wheelie bin/dumpster.

Move the wheelie bin out of the way and open the door. Then run like hell because there is a shit-ton of infected in the garage. Once you have taken care of the infected head inside to the safe and enter Hillcrest garage safe combination code 30-82-65 to open the safe.

The code to the safe can also be found on a note called Dales Combo. Dales Combo note can be found in the bar that has the Shambler and the RUnners in it. Head through to the kitchen and find the note pinned to the kitchen wall.

Inside the safe, you will find a short weapon holster and some other resources.