The Last of Us Part 2 Guide: Jackson Supermarket Safe Combination

The Supermarket safe combination and how to get it

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I am going to try and make any The Last of Us Part II Guides that I make as spoiler-free as possible. The game and story are shaping up to be one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

Play through the game and try and figure things out, explore everywhere you can. There are some story beats and cutscenes hidden away and you’ll only find them if you explore.

Now, on to the guide.

Jackson Supermarket Safe Combination

You will come across this safe when you are out patrolling with Dina. Whilst you are still in Jackson.

At some point, you will need to enter a Supermarket. After squeezing through a small gap in the wall. After squeezing through the gap you will see a board with peoples pictures on it directly ahead of you. This is an Employee of the Month board. We’ll need to return to this in a little bit.

Now, turn right and you will notice a closed door. Open the door and you will see the locked safe directly in front of you. On the counter above and to the right of the safe, you will find a note.

The note reads:

Yo Kristen – left the real shit in the safe for you. Combo is the date my good boy got Employee of the Month. Don’t fucking sell those or give them away. That’s for your back, alright? Feel better — Mina

Now, go back out this room and return to the Employee of the Month board. Switch your flashlight on and look for the picture on the bottom left of the board. The picture will be of a dog. This is the ‘Good Boy’ Mina refers to in the note. Just above the picture is the date of July 2013. This is the Supermarket safe combination.

Go back into the room with the safe and enter the combination is 07 20 13 (July 2013). Once you’ve opened the safe, collect all the resources and check the room for anything else you can pick up.