The Last of Us Part 2 Guide: Seattle Courthouse Safe Combination

Get access to the Seattle Courthouse safe with this guide

The Last of Us Part 2 guide:Seraphites Pharmacy safe combination

In this guide, I will show you how to find the Seattle Courthouse safe combination. I will try and keep any The Last of Us Part 2 guides as spoiler-free as possible. But, if you really don’t want to run the risk of having anything spoiled, just play through the game and explore everything.

This part of the game takes place when you reach Seattle. In the act titled Seattle Day 1.

Watch the video guide below or continue reading for the text guide.

Once you are in Seattle with Dina, you will eventually have to make your way to a courthouse. Your main objective here is to go down to a parking garage. At some point, you will be at a foyer area with two elevators that lead down to the parking garage.

Beyond the elevators is an office with a  double window. Enter by smashing the windows and climbing through or enter through the door if it is unlocked.

You will find the safe underneath a  counter which is under the windows.

To find the Seattle courthouse safe combination, head to the back of the room, to a set of three filing cabinets. Open the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet on the right and you will find a note. Flip the note over to reveal the safe combination code of 860722.

The Seattle Courthouse safe combination can also be found on the whiteboard on the back wall of the room.

Once you have opened up the safe, collect the resources and search the room for anything else of interest.