The Last of Us Part 2 Guide: Seraphites Pharmacy Safe Combination

Where to find the combination and second safe in The Seraphites chapter

The Last of Us Part 2 guide:Seraphites Pharmacy safe combination

This guide will show you where to find the safe and the artefact that reveals the combination in the pharmacy shop in chapter Serpahites. This is the second safe that is found in the Seraphites chapter.

Watch the video guide below or read on for the text guide.

At one point in the chapter, Ellie will have to drop down into some water. Once out of the water, head left and up some stairs and look for the entrance to the Pharmacy as shown in the screenshot below.

Head inside the Pharmacy and go to the counter just to your left. Pick up the Bhat M’Andarr Trading Card which is on a shelf at the side of the counter. Hop over the counter and look below and to the right of the cash register to find the artefact/note.

Read the artefact/note to reveal the Pharmacy safe combination of 38-55-23.

Now to locate the safe. Exit from behind the counter and walk next to the Pharmacies left wall, past a shelf unit you will see a darkened hole that Ellie can crawl through.

Once Ellie has crawled through the hole in the wall. You can find the Pharmacy safe on the left. Enter the combination 38-55-23 to access the safe and the resources contained within.

There is also a Workbench in this room, straight ahead as the enter the room.