The Last of Us Part 2 Guide: The Coast Ship Safe Combination

Ahoy, here is the location to the artefact and safe in chapter The Coast

the last of us part 2 guide:all safe combinations and codes

This guide will show you where to find the safe and the artefact containing the safe combination in the chapter The Coast.

At one point in the chapter, Abby will have to swim across rough waters to access a large cruise ship.

Make your way through the cruise ship, at another point, Abby will push open a door and will find the Crossbow weapon on a corpse behind the door. Once Abby has prised the Crossbow from the cold, dead hands of the corpse, head to the very end of the passageway.

You will find the artefact at the end of the passageway, sitting on a stretcher underneath a sign that says “WTA-Wahington Transit Authority.”

Read the artefact/note to reveal the ship safe combination of 90-77-01.

Work your way through the ship, taking care of any infected with your newfound Crossbow. Head to the upper deck, and on the left will be the ship’s bridge area.

There is an infected in the bridge area and more infected, including a Rambler on the upper deck. So you might want to take them out to make life a bit easier.

Head insidet he bridge area and you will find the safe on the left. Enter code 90-77-01 to open the safe. Inside you will find somer esouces and a Training Manual.