The Last of Us Part 2 Guide: The Descent Safe Combination

Descend into a hotel lobby to find this safe

the last of us part 2 guide:all safe combinations and codes

This guide will show you where to find the safe and the artefact which reveals a clue to the combination in Chapter 34 – The Descent.

Feel free to watch the video guide below or continue reading for the text guide.

At some point in Chapter 34 – The Descent, you will be in a hotel area with seated areas and a gym.

To find the artefact/note with a clue to the safe code, look for a kitchen area and you will find the artefact pinned to a notice board on the wall.

Read the note and it will tell you that the safe is located in a cleaning closet in the lobby and the code is the same as the Wi-Fi code.

Head out to the lobby. The lobby has large glass windows with the name of the hotel on them – Hotel Blacray. Head through the double doors of the lobby into the gym area and head over to the reception desk on the left.

Behind the desk you will find a sign that has the wi-fi code on it, this code is also the code for the safe. 121879 is the code.

Now with the code in hand, head back out the lobby double doors and head to the left, the door has chairs on either side of it. This is the cleaning closet.

Enter the cleaning closet and you will find the safe inside to the right. Enter code 121879 to open the safe and get some tasty resources.