The Last of Us Part 2 Guide: Thrift Store Safe Combination

Only got 20 Dollars in my pocket.

The Last of Us Part 2 guide:Seraphites Pharmacy safe combination

This The Last of Us Part 2 guide will show you how to get the Thrift Store Safe Combination. In this part of the game, we are still in Act Seattle Day 1. You will reach the Thrift Store location on your way to the TV Station.

The Thrift Store is located in an area with a  couple of buildings, one of them being the Thrift Store and the other building containing a workbench.

The area also has a few cars scattered around, long grass and a lot of tripwires. When traversing this area you need to keep a close eye out for tripwires, as they will blow you to smithereens. You can find ways around the tripwires or shoot at them to blow them up. Shoot at them from a distance though or you will end up injuring Ellie.

The Thrift Store is the building pictured in the screenshot below.

Once you have navigated past the tripmines and located the thrift store, head inside and go through the door at the back. Turn to your right and grab the Thrift Store Reminder note from the notice board.

The note reads;

M – Make sure you take the envelope to the bank before Monday am. Made the combo the last six digits of Staci’s phone number. Figured that’d be easy for you ro remember, hehe.

The note only reveals 4 of the required digits as the last two have been torn off.

Turn around and enter the door on the right. This will take you into a bathroom. On the wall next to the sink you will see Staci’s complete phone number. “For a good time call Staci (206) 555-0133.

We only need the last 6 digits of the phone number to open the Thrift Store Safe. That makes the combination 55 01 33.

Exit the bathroom and open the door on your right. Shoot the clicker that’s hiding out in the room. In this room, you will find the safe. Enter the combination and collect the resources inside.