The Last of Us Part 2: Seattle Bank Vault & Uncharted Easter Egg Guide

Sic Parvis Magna

In this guide, I will show you where to get the code to open up the Seattle Bank Vault. This guide will also show you where to find the Uncharted Easter Egg. This is possibly a bit of a spoiler, especially if you like finding Easter Eggs yourself. So stop reading now if you would prefer to find this on your own.

This part of the game takes place in Seattle, in the act titled Seattle Day 1.

Watch the video guide below or continue reading for the text guide.

Ellie and Dina will eventually end up entering a bank in Seattle. The dynamic duo will encounter a large room area with some infected. Clear out the infected then head to the left of the area and look for an open metal security gate. The metal gate is just beyond a doorway with the sign “Safe Deposit Lockers” above it.

Head through the doorway and the metal security gate. You will now be in another large room with a large table in the middle. Just as you enter this room, you will notice a dead body lying on the floor. Next to the dead body, is a satchel or backpack. You can find a note with some bank robbery plans on it inside this satchel.

Flip the note over to reveal the code for the Seattle Bank Vault. The code for the vault is 60 23 06.

Now, head to the large vault door and input the code.

Once Ellie and Dina are inside the vault, you can pick up the Pump Action Shotgun off of another dead body. You will find the dead body propped up against a counter as you enter the main vault.

Uncharted Ring Easter Egg & So Great and Small Trophy

Once you have picked up the shotgun and had a look around, head over to the right-hand wall. You will notice a metal trolley packed with cash. Just to the left of this trolley is where you will find the safe deposit box that contains the Uncharted Easter Egg.

Open this safe deposit box and pick up the collectable inside. The collectable is a silver, engraved ring, which is engraved with the Latin phrase “Sic Parvis Magna.” If you have ever played the Uncharted games, you will know that this is the ring that Nathan Drake wears around his neck. The phrase translates to Thus, Greatness comes from small things.

Once you have picked up and inspected the ring, the So Great and Small Bronze Trophy will pop.