The Last of Us Part I Can Now Be Trialed for 2 Hours on PS Plus

Get in the Game Trials section if you are a PS Plus Premium subscriber

The Last of Us Part I screenshot

Naughty Dog has added their definitive version of The Last of Us to PlayStation Plus’s game trials section. The Last of Us Part I was released last September and is a remake/remaster of the first The Last of Us game.

The remake was somewhat controversial because The Last of Us was not that old (originally released in 2013) and it had already seen a remastered version for PS4, which was released a year later. Many fans asked why? Why does this decade-old game need a remake?

The Last of Us Part I, which the PlayStation Studio head said was created to have a definitive version of the game, certainly has many improvements over the original. The graphics are better (as you would expect) and has two graphics modes.

The Last of Us Part I game trial screenshot

To download the trial of The Last of Us Part I, you will need to be a PlayStation Plus Premium subscriber. Then you can head to the Game Trials section and get a taste of what the game has to offer.

I got The Last of Us Part I after it was released and I was very impressed. It was great playing such a monumental game again. And the improvements Naughty Dog has made are certainly very noticeable. The game runs great, looks great and still plays great.

The only downside is of course the £70.00 price tag on the PlayStation Store. Asking that kind of money which, although they call it a remake, is essentially a fancy remaster is a bit much to ask.

The physical version of the game is not much cheaper but will save you £10. You could also look for it pre-owned but if you are on a PS5 digital edition then you are pretty much screwed and will need to spend the £70.00 asking price.

A Trial to Coincide with the TV Show

The release of The Last of Us Part I game trial coincides with the premiere of The Last of Us TV show, which happens on January 15th. UK fans can watch it on Sky Atlantic or via the Now TV App. But has Sony and Naughty Dog made the trial available just to tie in with the show? Or have they done it because sales are poor?

Source: Naughty Dog via Reddit