The Marauders’ Lesson Quest Guide – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Kill some pesky bandits, get some rewards

The Marauders Lesson quest guide

There are many, many quests and side quests in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, some are pretty simple, some are a bit more challenging. The Marauders’ Lesson is a side quest which is pretty straightforward and will earn you some Drachmae and some XP to boost your level.

Those damn bandits

The Marauders’ Lesson side quest can be found in the northern corner of Mount Geraneia in Megaris. Northeast of Forst Geraneia, on the shore.

The Marauders' Lesson quest location map

On going to the quest marker, you will meet a woman who asks Alexios (or Kassandra if you’ve chosen her as your character), to kill some bandits.

The bandits where a bit tricky to locate, as they where underground hiding out in a cave. From the location you got the quest, head in a westerly direction towards the fort, the cave entrance is at the bottom of a cliff, under the wooden bridge that takes you into the fort.

The Marauders Lesson quest - cave entrance

You can use Ikaros to help you locate the cave entrance, as well as mark the bandits inside.

Once inside the cave, follow the path until you come across the bandits. It is a low-level quest, so the bandits are only level 9, there is only a couple fo them and a dog to defeat. Kill the bandits then head back to the woman on the shore to complete The Marauders’ Lesson quest and receive your reward.

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