The PS5 Reviews Are Out – Overall Very Positive Reactions to Sony’s Next-Gen Console

PS5 Reviews Roundup

PS5 Reviews Roundup - the PS5 Reviews are out

If you’ve been glued to Twitter, Reddit or have been keeping up with PS5 news over the past couple of weeks, you’ll be aware that the big media sites and YouTuber’s have been going hands-on with the PS5. The console has been gone over with a fine-toothed comb and it’s design and features have been scrutinised. The PS5 reviews are now out as the embargo ended today and overall the reviews are very much positive.

Games journalists and YouTubers have praised the PS5’s design and features like the SSD. The DualSense controller is also getting much deserved praise and the general consensus seems to be that the PS5 is pretty awesome.

PlayStation Fanatic didn’t get a PS5 to review sadly, well I didn’t ask for one and I doubt Sony even knows this site exists. Maybe by the time the PS6 rolls around will be popular enough to get early access to that.

Here’s a selection of some of the media and YouTuber reviews for the PS5.

PS5 Reviews

Gamespot – A Promising Start To The Next Generation

The PS5 is a promising console that draws a clear line for the next generation, providing an experience that doesn’t sacrifice performance for fidelity.

CNET – Sony built a space-age game console for your next-gen dreams

It’s tall and blindingly white. The Sony PlayStation 5 also scores with the big game exclusives next-gen gamers want.

Metro – A positive start to a new generation

we can tell you that right now the PlayStation 5 is an excellent console and well worth getting as soon as you can afford it.

Push Square – The Future of PlayStation

In many ways, the PS5 is a refinement of the PS4 experience in all the right areas, but Sony’s sprinkled some next-gen innovations into the mix

Polygon – A Hard Working Beefcake

Accessible ray tracing, speedy load times make PS5 an excellent upgrade

PS5 Video Reviews



WhatCulture Gaming






And that’s my selection of some of the PS5 reviews that are currently out.

The PS5 is set to release on November 19th in the UK and Europe and November 12th in the USA.