There will be no Destiny 2 Public Alpha

Alpha is internal / private only, but the Beta should be released soon.

No Destiny 2 Public Alpha but Beta soon

Much to the dismay of Destiny fans everywhere, Bungie has recently announced that there will be no public Alpha version of the game released.

Many Destiny fans, new and old alike, where really hoping that Bungie would release an Alpha test version of Destiny 2 so they could get their hands on this hotly anticipated sequel.

Bungie did release an Alpha for Destiny 1 so many people thought that they would do the same this time around, unfortunately that is not the case as Bungie’s Eric Osborne pointed out in a recent tweet.

So definitely no public Alpha but on the bright side, Destiny 2 Game Director, Luke Smith, mentioned in the latest Bungie Podcast that he would prefer to have the Beta sooner, possibly to give then more time to work out any bugs and issues.

Activision also recently announced that more information regarding the Public Beta would be announced during the E3 conference, so that;s something to look forward to.

Many fans are predicting that the Beta will release sometime in July, possibly on 7/7/2017 which is Bungie day. If you have pre-ordered Destiny 2 you will get early Beta access, so you’ll get to play it before anyone else.

Destiny 2 is due to release on September 8th 2017.