UK Retailer Expects PS5 Pre-Orders “Any Day Now”, May Not Go on General Sale

Register interest at every retailer you can…just in case

PS5 Price, release date and pre-order details

UK Online games and console retailer Simply Games thinks that PS5 pre-orders will be available any day now. But, more worryingly, the retailer thinks that the PS5 may not go on general sale due to limited stock.

In an email being sent out to customers today, the online retailer states that “We are expecting to see the PlayStation 5 available for pre-order any day now, and you don’t want to miss out on the next generation of gaming.”

In the next paragraph, the games and console seller seems to have reason to believe that the PS5 will not go on general sale, due to limited stock. So the only way to secure your console on launch day will be to make sure you get your pre-order in.

“The PlayStation 5 may not go on general sale due to limited. so the only way to hear about when you can pre-order is by registering your interest.”

PS5 email from Simp;ly Games
PS5 email from Simply Games

The full email can be read here.

Of course, this email could be a marketing trick by Simply Games to try and get as many people pre-ordering the PS5 from them as possible. But the way things are going this year, there could be some truth to the PS5 won’t go on general sale idea.

Could PS5 stocks be limited this year?

Back in April, it was reported that the PS5 stock would be more limited at launch than the PS4. In July it was reported in various media outlets that production of PS5 consoles had doubled, but supplies for this year may still be limited.

If stocks of Sony’s next-generation console are severely limited for this year and won’t make it to general sale, this could explain the companies silence over the past month or two.

Sony hasn’t really revealed any further details about the PS5 since the June reveal. And there marketing seems to only focus on the PS5 SSD and the DualSense controller features.

Not to mention the fact that we still have no price or release date for a console that is supposedly only about 2 months away from launch.

There has certainly been no evidence pointing towards the PS5 being delayed into 2021. So, it does seem that Sony still wants to launch the console this year.

But, if the Simply Games email is even slightly accurate, you might not be able to just pop into a shop and buy one. A pre-order will be the only way to make sure you get one before the year is out.