Vehicle Wrecking Racer Wreckfest Crashes Onto PS5 on June 1st

But no free upgrade for PS4 owners

If you’ve tried and liked (or maybe not liked) PS5’s exclusive car wrecking game Destruction AllStars, then you might want to give Wreckfest a whirl. The Destruction Derby-esque racer which saw its PS4 release in August 2019 is now skidding its way onto PS5.

Take a look at the teaser trailer for Wreckfest on PS5 below.


As you would expect with any PS5 upgraded game, there will be several enhancements that take advantage of the new, more powerful console.

Wreckfest on PS5 naturally runs at 4K and a smooth 60 FPS. There are also several visual enhancements to make the game look even better or next-gen consoles. Enhanced visual effects like dynamic dirt on cars, improved shadows and lighting and increased foliage are what you can expect when Wreckfest smashes its way onto PS5 on June 1st.

It’s not just visual improvements though, the multiplayer player count is increasing from 16 players on PS4 to 24 on PS5. Making for even more mayhem and destruction. Wreckfest on PS5 will also utilise the PS5’s DualSense controller for “haptic effects.”

It all sounds great so far right? Yes, but there is some bad news, especially if you already own the PS4 version of the game and might want to upgrade.

Wreckfest PS4 screenshot

No Free Upgrade to PS5 for PS4 owners of Wreckfest

Now for the bad news. Publisher THQ Nordic has stated in their press release that PS4 owners of Wreckfest will have to pay £9.99/$9.99 to upgrade to the PS5 version. So no free upgrade here.

However, the PS4 version of Wreckfest is currently £14.97 on Amazon. If you buy this then pay the upgrade fee, you’re still saving around £10.00.  This assumes you own a disc PS5 of course. Wreckfest (PS4) is currently £24.99 on the PlayStation Store.

Wreckfest for PS5 is scheduled to release on 1st June 2021. It should retail for around £34.99