Very Early Footage of Guerrilla’s Horizon Online Game Has Leaked

Someone needs a plumber

Horizon Forbidden West screenshot - Aloy

Footage has leaked of what purports to show very early, in-development gameplay of Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Online Project.

The footage was posted on the r/horizon subreddit by a user called BirdonWheels. The post has since been removed and locked by r/horizon moderators, but the video footage and previous comments can still be viewed.

Along with the leaked footage, a user has also found and leaked an alleged piece of concept art from the Horizon Online game. You can see this concept art below.

leaked concept art purportedly from Guerrilla Games' Horizon Online project

Guerrilla Games recently confirmed the existence of its Horizon Online game in December, when it posted job listings on Twitter. Later in December a very early alpha footage build of Horizon Forbidden West was also leaked.

The leaked concept art shows a very stylised, cartoonish, Fortnite-like aesthetic. Guerrilla Games did confirm in their Twitter post that the game would have a “unique, stylized look.” However, the leaked footage, in my opinion, doesn’t look quite as cartoony as the concept art.

Horizon online project screenshot from footage

The leaked gameplay footage which appears to be from a very early build looks pretty interesting though. Machines can be seen in the game, as well as various load-outs and combat/weapon options.

The footage also shows that there is a photo mode in the game but there are also a lot of assets that look like they have been ripped straight from Horizon Forbidden West. For example, the footage shows a brief glimpse of the Skills tab from the in-game menu, which shows Aloy as the character. There is also another brief look at the menu and it looks exactly the same as Horizon Forbidden West.

This is probably to be expected with an early build I suppose. Where developers will use existing assets for quickness.

This leaked footage certainly has piqued my interest in the Horizon Online project. Hopefully, this leak will force Guerrilla to show us some actual recent footage, or at least share some more details on the game.